1, profile
NewBalance since 1906 founded in the United States since Boston, Bingzhuo manufacturing excellence in the spirit of the product, constantly in the scientific and technological materials, product appearance and comfort continued to make progress. The only change is NewBalance to high standards of ethics, 100% customer satisfaction, the spirit of teamwork to operate, with a view to become high-tech, high-quality world sports and leisure supplies leader. New year
NewBalance was founded in Boston, USA, specializing in footwear for the production of sports shoes. From 1906 NewBalance arch support company, to professional runners and track and field team to create sports shoes, and then to 1972, JamesDavis bought the production of five width, two highly running shoes NewBalance company, James.Davis start A legend, but also to fake NewBalance shoes become the legendary protagonist. NewBalance day development. NewBalance has always been unmoved, but because of the United States as President Ronald Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates are invariably wearing NewBalance, the United States, the United States, These celebrities, corporate elite are not consciously become the loyalty of the brand lovers, no wonder NewBalance dare to proud to “President running shoes” itself.
To 2006, NewBalance ushered in the 100-year-old birthday, accompanied by more and more partners to join and efforts, New Balance “President running shoes,” the reputation will be with NewBalance products together, bring you more comfort and enjoyment.
2, the company history
1, 1906, William J. Riley in the United States Marathon City – Boston set up a NewBalance arch support company, specializing in orthopedic arch support and correction shoes. The arch support device greatly increases the balance of movement, NewBalance name was born.
2 With the continuous development of the business, the 50’s NewBalance began to run for the local runners professional sports shoes, and in the 60’s formally into the sports shoes industry.
In the 1970s, Mr. James S.Davis, the current chairman of the board, bought NewBalance on Boston’s marathon and began a new step. Since then NewBalance is committed to the development of high-tech functional materials, but also provides six width of the last two, two high degree of human replica newbalance 990 services to meet a variety of different foot type, and is the only US imports of imported sports shoe. Its exclusive research and development of the high absorption pad, can effectively absorb 99% of the ground reaction, and therefore by the heads of state and the elite loved by all walks of life, is to enjoy the “President of the running shoes,” the reputation of multi-functional shoes, Two of the footwear company.

Image result for new balance4, “If you wear New Balance, you must be a good runner!” – Jim Davis, Chief Executive Officer of New Balance.

In 1906, William J. Riley set up an arch support company called New Balance in Boston, USA, specializing in orthodontic arch support and correction shoes. One day, when he was watching the chicks in the yard, he found that the three paws of the chicks could be balanced, so he would be inspired to apply to the design and development of the arch support. New Balance’s name And Mr. Riley from the shape of the chicken claws to get inspiration this matter has become a legendary story.
6, with the continuous development of the business, the 50’s New Balance began for the local runners to create professional sports shoes, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology track and field team. In 1956, the couple bought New Balance from Mr. Riley. Since then, footwear manufacturing has grown into a key business for the company’s steady growth. In 1960, New Balance produced “TRACKSTER” series of fake new balance 998 sports shoes, which is the world’s first to provide multi-width lasts of the sneakers, the shoe industry to become a pioneering work.
7, 1972, New Balance Now Chairman and CEO Jim Davis bought New Balance on Boston Marathon. At that time, New Balance produced 30 pairs of shoes every day, to provide five kinds of width of the last and two high degree of the upper, although the cost is very high, but New Balance in order to allow athletes to best show the potential for movement, spare no effort.
8, 1976 New Balance first introduced with high shock absorptive durable material C-CAP shoes, the same year the development of 320 running shoes, “Runner’s World” sports magazine named “the world’s first running shoes.” Marathon champion Fleming was wearing 320 running shoes, and later this shoe is widely popular around the world. In 1984, New Balance developed a shock-absorbing material – ABZORB. ABZORB is a patented full-chip shock-absorbing material to ensure that the shock-absorbing safety and comfort more complete; at the same time absorb more than 99% of the ground reaction force, to avoid the movement of the spine, knee, ankle and so on due to improper ground reaction squeeze, and Resulting in sports injuries; 1985 New Balance introduced the emphasis on decentralized weight ENCAP1300 sports shoes; these products are designed to fix the entire foot plate, and let the toes can be free to reduce the burden on the foot when running. fake New Balance 574 Unique Width Sizing System, so that consumers can freely choose the appropriate size of their feet shoes, which can be seen New Balance considerate the user’s well-designed. In 1999, New Balance was named the off-road shoe champion by American “Today’s Runner” magazine. 2002 Carnot wearing New Balance shoes with 2 hours 05 minutes and 38 seconds to break the world marathon record, continue to reelection world marathon record keep people. From 1991 to 2002, New Balance has become the world’s fastest growing sports brand, currently ranked fourth in the world, ranked second in the nation. Many heads of state and entrepreneurs are New Balance’s beloved users who have proven their top quality.
9 Mr. Jim Davis, Chief Executive Officer of New Balance New Balance, is a professional long-distance runner and has participated in the marathon many times. Mr. Jim Davis was involved in the development of the shoes before the shoes had entered the production phase. In order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, Mr. Jim Davis can be a group of tens of thousands of pairs of quality requirements of all the shoes burned. Therefore, every pair of New Balance shoes have been very strict quality management.
3. Brand culture
New Balance New Balance has its own unique culture:  adhere to the production of multi-width, high degree of shoes: This is designed for human nature, but also the most basic care, to bring every consumer the most comfortable close to the shoes
New pair type.  New Balance does not sign with sports stars. Because suitable for the stars of the shoes, not necessarily suitable for most consumers to wear, so replcia New Balance will be the cost of product development in order to improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction. New Balance believes that “shoes is the best spokesperson.”  New Balance is the only international sports brand with exclusive plants in the United States, five of which are in the US and two in Europe.  New Balance is a private company, rather than a stock listed company, so you can have more room for development; at the same time in the corporate culture, it is easier to implement.
All along, New Balance New Balance company is extremely committed to the shoe-making process. So far, a brand for nearly 100 years, still continue to the emerging technology, tireless development of more ergonomic shoes. In pursuit of extreme comfort shoes feel as the goal, combined with popular design feel, New Balance has become a perfect representative of retro and innovation. As the leader of the global sports brand, New Balance sticks to the high standards of ethics, 100% customer satisfaction, teamwork spirit of the company, in the scientific and technological materials, product appearance and comfort on the continuous innovation and progress for each movement to the largest Limit their own sports potential, enjoy a comfortable life and make unremitting efforts.

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New Balance is different from other sports brand shoes, another major feature is the size of the diverse choice – New Balance to provide the same size of different width, narrow, standard and wide three, and in the narrow and wide and subdivided Different degrees, so pick a pair of replcia New Balance shoes will be wearing a very comfortable feeling.
New Balance is able to in the United States this extremely market-oriented countries, do not invite stars to advertise the case, the United States to become the second largest brand sports shoes, and even beat Adidas and other brands, because the company can do on the market is very Accurate positioning, it and Nike or Adi different, its positioning is mainly for the comfort of shoes have certain requirements of adults, it believes that this part of the customer from the appearance of shoes to focus on the comfort of shoes and Foot protection, but also has a strong purchasing power. And because of its unique positioning, it is almost no other shoes with several other giants split the market.
4, brand story
New BalanceBalance President Mr.Jim.Davis itself is a professional long distance runner, and has participated in the marathon many times.
Mr.Jim.Davis firmly believe that to continue to become the king of running shoes, the company must have more runners to join, and he as the company responsible person, but should lead by example, so he has not yet officially entered the production stage before the shoe, both Began to participate in the development process of shoes.
Mr.Jim.Davis himself is also very fond of running people, he said: running can make him work better, but also let him have a more pleasant, happy family life.
Mr.Jim.Davis very much believe that Achieve New Balance that is the “new balance of ideas.” What things have to do the doctrine of the mean, but blindly work, but do not know how to exercise to adjust the physical and mental, is not enough. So, Mr.Jim.Davis very much care of the staff, he does not want employees often work overtime, hope that each employee has a good family life, he is very loving family, but also hope that the staff love a big family.
Mr.Jim.Davis can put a group of tens of thousands of pairs of shoes did not do all burned, because New Balance does not need to be responsible to the shareholders, he is the only boss, by virtue of Mr.Jim.Davis this dedication, so , All New Balance shoes, are through a very strict quality control, and the production process of strict control.
Mr.Jim.Davis is a runner, so he is very convinced (the more foot shoes, the more able to show the potential of the movement). Therefore, in the global sports market downturn, New Balance has continued to continue to grow, this is definitely because Mr.Jim.Davis New Balance enterprises have a considerable insistence, and this adhere to more in the customer satisfaction , Product quality and high technology.